Our History

The year was 1957. Post-World War II America was hitting its stride, Jailhouse Rock was a number one hit and ever-larger cars, with ridiculously outsized tail fins, ruled the road. Although the interstate system was in its infancy (the enabling legislation had only been enacted the year prior), “motoring” was fast becoming a favorite American pastime. Fueling all of this was a burgeoning middle class, flush with both disposable income and the time to spend it. The proliferation of the classic, independently owned, American “motor lodge” - or motel - was nearly preordained. And plucky little Wilmington, NY was not to be left out. It was in that year the Winkelmann Motel, more or less in the same configuration you'll see today, opened its doors to its very first guests.

Over the years, the property changed hands and the name changed too. And then changed again (and again) but, as near as we can tell the business never closed its doors or stopped hosting travelers weary from the road. So now it’s our turn - and our immense pleasure - to welcome you to Cadence Lodge.

Purchasing the Lodge in 2015, we began to restore its mid-Century vibe. Over the next five years, we upgraded all fifteen rooms and added outdoor spaces for you to enjoy. This included replacing the swimming pool with a pavilion, the Porterhouse, named after our giant yellow Lab Porter, who patrolled the pavilion, serving as official greeter, trash bin monitor and party hound until the ripe old age of fifteen.

Today, we continue to make improvements to the property - and the guest expexperience - so your stay with us is even better than the last one.