Our History
The Lodge originally opened as the Winkelman Motel in 1957. It offered people the chance to escape the summer heat of the city and enjoy the rest and relaxation of the Adirondacks. It soon transitioned to the Winkelman Resort and a year round destination catering to the large number of skiers bound for nearby Whiteface Mountain which opened in 1958.

In the early 2000s, the property, now operating as Birch Tree Lodge, lost some of its original architectural features, though the 1970s décor lived on – wood paneling and all.

We purchased the property in 2015 with the goal of restoring the Lodge’s mid-Century vibe. Reclaimed and upcycled materials will be used along with some of its original furniture and signs as well as period photos of the area to embrace the Lodge’s “retro rustic” feel.

With renovations planned inside and out, the Lodge will soon transform into what it was originally designed to be – base camp for those craving the great outdoors.

Our Name
In cycling, cadence is the number of pedal revolutions per minute. A change of pace. To us, our new name embraces everything that made us fall in love with the Lodge in the first place…it’s smack dab in the center of Wilmington, NY – home to incredible mountain biking, road cycling and, of course, skiing.

Visit us today (and again soon) to experience the transformation of this classic Adirondack lodge.

Don & Shelley